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Strategic based marketing services that will grow your business

Canvas Marketing services cover six areas and can be delivered standalone or as an overall process. We work with a selection of brilliant partners where appropriate to deliver high quality, results driven marketing.

Strategic Planning

Marketing audit:

Health check everything from tools, people, strategy and tactics to processes, platforms, measurement and customer experience

Competitor and market research:

Maintain and put to use invaluable visibility of your market and customers to maintain your differentiation

Value proposition:

One of the hardest but most powerful things for any business – clearly outline what you do/offer, who it is for, why it is different and how it meets needs (benefits)


Marketing vision and strategy:

Where you want to get to and your core marketing strategies to achieve your business goals

Brand marketing:

Understand your customer drivers and market dynamics so you can position your business and develop a brand that brings to life your ambitions

Marketing Planning:

Align with your strategy to outline your goals, expected return, what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, how it will be measured and how much budget is needed



Profiling and persona modelling, segmentation and traits by opportunity ( market / customer / vertical etc.) to keep your activity focused

Customer research:

Employ tactics including focus groups, online surveys, profiling or mystery shopping to put your customer at heart of every decision and shape great propositions, messaging and campaigns

Market research:

Understand your markets dynamics to know where the opportunities exist and how you can differentiate


Put the right data management practices in place (including compliance!) to get insights that deliver customer targeted activity 


Platforms and technology:

Get the right systems and technology in place to effectively implement, automate and manage your marketing.


Not process for the sake it. Just making sure things are done in the right way as effectively as possible (as well as staying legally compliant).


Apply science to your measurement so you can properly attribute success, measure ROI and make business critical investment decisions.

Customer Experience:

Know that your customers are getting the best experience at every touch point through workshops that map their journey both now and for the future.

Campaign Management

Go to market:

How to execute on time, on budget and to target (or above!)

Messaging and positioning:

Create proof-based messaging frameworks that talk to customers and/or verticals in a consistent way using their own language

Campaign management:

Create compelling creative campaigns that your customers love to maximise lead and demand generation opportunities


Bespoke multi-day international events to localised and personalised customer experiences



Press releases and blogs to marketing collateral and customer comms – all professionally written (and grammatically correct!).


Know what your goals are, how your investment is actually delivering results and calculate the ROI holy grail

Lead generation and funnel conversion:

Engage your audiences at all stages in the demand marketing funnel and optimise conversion to customer/sale

Retention and loyalty:

Create retention and advocacy programmes that build lifelong mutually rewarding relationships with customers



Create a customer first journey and experience across all of your domain touch points.


Develop the right strategy and compelling content to engage and educate your audiences.


SEO and SEM to make sure you’re presented in the right way online to drive quality traffic.


Build purposeful social channels help build your brand through sharing and engaging with your audiences.


Automate marketing to personalise customer experiences and nurture across email, social, webpages and more.

Digital Media:

Select the right paid media channels to drive efficient digital advertising and quality opportunity


Marketing skills development:

Get the best from your marketing talent with hands on training or advice covering skills and processes across all of our services and tailored to the needs of your business

Marketing management:

Support to help business owners lead with authority and get the best from marketing teams including performance management, development and organisation structure



Hire and retain the best talent for your marketing team with support that includes job description development, search, profiling, interviewing and appointment


Bespoke programmes that help your marketing team to reach their leadership potential including 121 or team based activity to develop the right competencies, behaviours and traits for great people

A blank canvas

If you’d like to talk about marketing support for your business then submit your details via the form. Tell us as much or little as you like about your needs and we’ll be in touch.